Prairie Moon Museum
and Sculpture Garden


Outsider art, or art created by untrained, informal artists, has risen in stature among the American art community that once relegated the school to "folk art." Near Fountain City, Wisconsin, the outsider artist Harry Rusch created a complex garden of unique forms containing enigmatic structures, sculptures and receptacles. Along with the works of artist Halvor Landsverk, Rusch filled the garden with over forty pieces.


The pieces in the garden were composed of stone, brick, concrete, glass, house paint, ceramic, shells, ferrous metals and salvaged metalwork and car parts.

Scope of Project

The entire site had fallen derelict. The Kohler Foundation contracted Jensen to completely restore the pieces in the garden of the facility. . . more about Prairie Moon

Rocket to the Stars -- prior to restoration

Bust of Herman Rusch -- after treatment

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